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Q: What about that vacuum on tv that "doesn't loose suction?"


A: This is one of the most common questions we get. Our response is always this: Don't believe everything you see on television. Here is the reality, the Dyson vacuum has good suction and cleans the carpet well, but do you really need to pay $699 for a vacuum that is made entirely out of cheap plastic? If we lived in a world where machines were priced according to how well they were built and how long they would last, then a Dyson would cost you about $199. That would be reasonable. So why does it cost so much more? Advertising isn't cheap....



No more bags?
So many people are buying bagless vacuums, but is it for you? Bagless vacuums use a permanent (not really) filter that needs to be changed once or twice a year. Usual cost is $30 - $40 per filter. Disposable bags usually cost $10 - $15 per year and there is no yucky dirt cup to empty into the trash. So you decide...


Central vacuums

Better than portable?



Carpet cleaning

To rent or buy?



Upright vs. Canister

Which one for me?Canister vacuums will always do a better all around job. They generally more powerful, and easier to manuever on stairs. Upright vacuums store more compactly.




Service & Maintenance

Taking care of your machine



unplugging 101

Do it yourself!
Most central vacuum problems are blockage related. For a simple techinque that will often save you a service call, follow these steps:

1) Remove the bucket, or bucket and bag from your unit in the garage.

2) Take a portable vacuum with a hose, and stick the end of the hose into the built-in wall outlet.

3) Turn on your portable vacuum and suck away!


Quality costs less?

How to get your money's worth
So many vacuums today are basically disposable. If it breaks, or needs any service, it usually costs more to fix it than buy new. If you are tired of disposable appliances and want to help save the environment, buy a good quality refurbished vacuum, or consider a higher quality new machine that will last you for many years to come. It will cost more up front, but you will save in the long run and we'll stop adding more junk to the landfills!


Hepa Filtration

How clean is your air?

Lots of vacuums are advertised as having HEPA filters, but that doesn't mean they have great filtration. A HEPA filter only works properly in a sealed system, and the only vacuum company who makes a sealed HEPA system is Miele.Fortunately, we are an Authorized Miele Dealer.

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